Tips for writing essays

Do you struggle with essay writing? 

It confuses you where your arguments start, and conclusions are over. We bring you a five-point plan to help you write.

Although, as you know there are three types of school essays, interpretative, comparative analysis and discussion in the following text we will not deal with a particular type of essay, but we will describe the most important ingredients each good essay needs to have.

Five-point plan

Previously written essays. Ask your teacher to give you examples of quality written essays. This can greatly facilitate your future writing because reading other essays gives you an idea of how to form an essay, what questions to answer and how to edit it.

Key issues. Write down what you think is the main theme or topics you will write in the essay. Think about what your essay really is dealing with? What are the Causes and Consequences of the Essay Topic? How to compare the essay topic to your previously acquired knowledge?

The essence should also reflect your personal reaction to the text. So do not be afraid to take your opinion, take your stand. Believe in your court – most likely you will be right! But, you must argue written.

Write a brief overview of what you want to include in your essay. First, make a basic concept and then include guidance and notes in it. So write an introduction, then sketch the paragraph by paragraph until you reach the conclusion. Good concept and guidelines are 75% of a good essay. The concept should be able to write in 10 minutes. Draw an essay on the concept, notes, and guidelines. Carefully read and correct the errors before you submit the final version.

Time organization. The essay (for example on the state mature) is usually written in the given time. So one of the skills that you need to master is to write a quality essay within the given time limit. How to achieve this? Exercise essay writing within a defined time frame. After writing an essay in a specific time unit, analyze the writing process to gain the impression that the essay writing process is the most demanding and taking the most time.

Think … How hard was it for you to keep up the schedule? Was it difficult to get started? Which place do you find in the essay writing process most? How easy was it for you to write an introduction and a conclusion?

Second opinion. Give your essay a reading to your teachers, friends, and parents. They will certainly have interesting comments and you will surely be able to suggest what can be improved.