Recommendations for students

Writing essays and recommendations is a must and often a crucial part of the success of the application for enrollment. That’s what separates those “special” from the average crowd, and we know what they should look like.

Why is writing essays and recommendations the most difficult part of the application?

Writing essays and recommendations is an inevitable part of the application for enrollment in the study, but also for job application. It is also the most demanding part of the application in both cases. Evaluation Boards are the fastest and easiest way to eliminate candidates using “sprang” circulating online so do not get trapped in that trap. Essays must be concrete. Avoid general phrases and allegations that you do not have a base or an example. Equally valid for recommendations.

Learn how to write quality essays and recommendations from those who evaluate them. If you do not have time, we will write or edit those that you have already written. Read below about some of the most common.

Thematic essays

All faculties abroad applying for a study are asking candidates to write at least one essay, and most often they need to write more. Writing an essay is among the most important parts of the application.

In addition to all the numbers that you form in the form of grades and results on standardized examinations you submit to the admissions offices of the faculty, writing an essay gives you the opportunity to introduce the members of the admissions grant as a person rather than as a number. This opportunity is important to maximize the use of to show their written communication skills, organizational skills, highlighted their academic abilities and capacities, and intellectual maturity.

Depending on the requirements of individual faculties, you will write one or more essays, and the essay assignment may come in question or topic form. The theme offered may be one or several of which you choose the one you want to epitomize. Your word will be given the opportunity to choose the theme yourself. The default question or topic is most often related to the type of study program you are applying for. If you already have some finished works can also be attached, but this is not always the case.

Some faculties make it possible for you to submit a presentation, a video, a photo or a similar work next to an essay. This is an extraordinary opportunity to bring you closer to yourself and what you are really good at board members.

A personal statement or statement of purpose

The most wanted essay is a candidate essay or a motivation letter. It is essential that through a motivational letter:

– Explain why you decided to apply to this faculty

– what are your motives and goals and what you want from the study program itself

– what are your ambitions and where you will see in the future

– why are you the most desirable candidate and how you intend to contribute to the student community of the faculty you are applying for (credibly present your skills, knowledge and skills).


When referring, you need to take care of who writes you the recommendation and what it says in the recommendation.

When selecting people who will write to you, it is important for you to know that person for a longer period of time and to know you in the context relevant to the study program you are applying for. It is also important that this person has time, will and knowledge on how successful a recommendation should look like.

The text of the recommendation should be relevant, ie in accordance with the context from which the person writing the recommendation knows. The text should be concrete and speak about you and your attributes, and possibly provide examples that confirm the allegations of your virtues.

What should I look out for?

Also consider the technical aspects of essay writing:

– The essay structure – introduction, elaboration, conclusion

– the number of pages / words requested, the prescribed size and the letter format

– citing and parafrazing and the risk of plagiarism

– Guidance of sources and use of high quality resources

Writing an essay is a demanding job, requiring you to devote it carefully and take enough time for it. Without exaggerating writing a quality essay, it is reasonable to devote a month, which is common in case of successful candidates. The writing style required is very specific. Students, such as US schools, from the earliest days learn how to write analytically and arguably, and to stand up and defend their attitudes while in our educational system, unfortunately, is not a common practice. Since the required format and writing style is largely unknown to most candidates who do not have the experience of learning abroad, take advantage of every opportunity to consult with an expert or get advice from people who have experience.

Our employees and associates are members of the admission boards of some of the world’s best universities and experienced HR managers (HR managers). Take advantage of the opportunity and check your essay, resume, motivation letter, or petition. Get valuable information and advice or leave it to us to edit or write to you.

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